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Delivery in approx. 1 - 2 daysDelivery in approx. 1 - 2 days **

Tuning Stage 1 for BMW 330d (245 -> 285 PS)


Tech. Specs

   OEM Specs
 Performance Specs
Power  180 kw (245 HP) at 4000 1/min  209 kw (285 HP) at 4000 1/min
Torque  520 Nm at 1750 1/min  600 Nm at 2000 1/min
Vmax limited Limit can be optionally removed


Infos zur Technologie  Tuning by Chip No
Infos zur Technologie  Tuning by OBD No
Infos zur Technologie  Tuning by BDM / Bootmode


12 months engine warranty optional available for max. 5 years old cars. For further informations click HERE!


Options / Informations

Dyno runs on our dyno are optional available for FWD and RWD cars.

Please choose from available options listed above.

Further informations are available on "details" tab.

Product is allowed for export / track use only.


Our power upgrades are always done by "direct optimizing" of your car's OEM ECU software.
Due to this, your first step is allways "reading and storing your OEM ECU data. Afterwards we build our tuning based on the previously stored OEM data which we finally program into you ECUs memory.
This procedure ensures a perfect compatibility of our tuning with your car.

We never use "universal-files" or external hardware like "powerboxes" !!


You will usually need to visit us with your car for tuning. Tuning-dates can be agreed upon at any time at short notice by telephone.
Power tests on our dyno-bench are optional on request at additonal charge.

If it's impossible for you to bring your car to us, you can send us your ECU for programming as well.

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