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Tuning Stage 4 for Speedster Turbo: 320PS 500Nm

Developed in autumn / winter 2009, stage 4 is our next evolution to raise the power of your Opel Speedster Turbo.
The "heart" of stage 4 is our new developed NextGen 1 Turbocharger, which comes with the newest generation of turbine- and compressoer wheels with cutback geometry.
Also a watercooled chargecooler system is used instead of the aircooled intercooler of previous stages for another significant drop of intake-air temperatures.

Of course, this required several environment-modifications as well:
- Larger fuel injectors are added to match the higher specific fuel consumption
- An oil cooler kit is added to keep oil-temperatures in a healthy range
- balancing shafts are removed to raise agility of the engine and, at the same time, this raises the oil reservoir by 0.75 liter
- a full 3" turboback exhaust system with 200 cpsi race-cat for maximum reduction of exhaust-conterpressure replaces the OEM exhaust.
- our airbox kit (proven stage 2.5 - 3.5 component) also come with the stage 4 kit
- ECU remap is precisely new built to match stage 4 specifications.

The NextGen1 turbocharger (which is part of this kit) is built on base of your OEM turbocharger. We require your OEM charger in advance to contvert it to NextGen1! 
Any Z20LET / Z20LER / Z20LEL / Z20LEH OEM charger can be used for this NextGen conversion.
The charger you send to us for modification may also have damage of the rotor assembly. Manifold, and charger housing must be in reworkable condition (not warped, cracked or otherwise damaged).
All other stage 4 kit-components are new.

Our central point of interest was to reach a homogeneous inflating of the power without disturbing torque peaks and stable power at higher revs - also at higher outside temperatures.
High power with maximum driveability in all environments was, what we were looking for. You can be sure, that we have found it.
Spontanity and agility of the engine are again significantly raised.
The maximum power raises from 200 to 320 PS, maximum torque from 250 to 500 Nm.
Rev. limiter is raised to 7200 1/min (can be set to any other value on customers request)
The usage of high octane fuel (98 octane or better) is strictly recommended for Stage 4 tuned cars!

IMPORTANT - fair terms of upgrade:
Due to the fact that all our tuning stages are based on each other, you can upgrade your car to a higher stage at any time.
Please call or email us for any upgrade purposes.
For installation of the remap you can send us your ECU or visit us with your car.
The costs for software installation are allready contained in the price of the kit.
Fitting of all stage 4 components and individual software calibration on our dyno can be done by us at seperate charge (see above).

Scope of supply:
- NextGen1 Turbocharger Conversion
- 470ccm Fuel Injectors
- Watercooled High Performance Chargecooler Kit
- Airbox Kit
- Oilcooler Kit
- 3" Turboback Exhaust System with 200cpsi Race Catalyst
- Balancing Shafts Removal Kit
- ECU Remap Stage 4

*** Item is allowed for track use only ***

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