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Fuel Injectors Clean & renew (Set of 4)

Contamination / resinification / clogging and the build-up of soot and paraffin reduce the performance of all injection nozzles over lifetime.
This applies in principle to all injection nozzles, but to a particularly high degree during longer periods of inactivity (seasonal vehicles) or sporadic use (weekend / fair weather vehicles).

Deterioration of the spray pattern, reduced injection quantity or dripping nozzles are the direct consequence of this,
Lean mixture, uneven engine running, increased fuel consumption, loss of power ... and even major engine damage are potential consequential faults.

This can be avoided!
We now offer professional inspection, cleaning and assessment of almost all common intake manifold injection nozzles (no direct injection or diesel nozzles!).

What can we do?
The service is carried out in a multi-stage process with multiple cascading steps:
- Visual inspection and gentle, external cleaning
- Initial inspection of spray pattern, resistance and tightness
- Passive ultrasonic cleaning (nozzles not energised)
- Active ultrasonic cleaning (nozzles energised / pulsed / floated in several steps)
- Measurement / testing of tightness, spray pattern and flow rate on the injector test stand.
-> Repeat ultrasonic cleaning if the test result is not satisfactory

Which types of injectors can be serviced?
We can currently service all Bosch fuel injectors in EV6 design (part numbers 0280 15x xxx).
We can also service most Siemens / Deka and Delphi injectors.

The above price for this service refers to a complete 4-cylinder nozzle set, i.e. the complete price for all 4 nozzles!

- Please order the injector service here in our shop.
-> Remove the fuel injectors and send them to us.
->> Processing will be done immediately after arrival here in our garage. Completion usually within 48 hours (Mon-Fri).
->>> Injectores and test report are returned to you per DHL parcel.

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